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Great visit to Naples, Florida promoting comic! フロリダ州のネイプルズ市でマンガが人気!

The first stop of my book tour in Naples, Florida has gone really well! Everyone seems to really like the comic book, both the beautiful cover, the perfect size, the directory on Japan and of course the story!

Big thanks goes out to Eric Masino at American Sports Karate for hosting me and helping to get the word out about the book now being for sale.

Thanks to George Kotaka, WKF World Champion, and everyone else who have been fantastic helping me promote the book.

In Naples they asked me to teach classes in their 2 (!) dojo, but also on the beach under the hot, perfect Florida sun.

Here's Eric Sensei (grey shirt) and I putting the students through their paces.

The students were focused, but still fun in the classes!

I was also treated to an afternoon of deep-sea fishing that finished with the glorious Florida sunset...

Thanks again everyone! I look forward to being back soon!

The next stages of the comic book tour are:

AAU Karate Championships, Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 2-3

Anime Expo, LA, July 4-6

LA July 7-9

NKF Nationals, Reno, NV, July 9-13