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JKF Wadokai Karate 5th dan test... passed! 全空連の和道会空手道昇段審査の結果: 五段を合格した!

Well, after 9 years of waiting and practicing, I finally challenged & passed the JKF Wadokai karate 5th dan test in Tokyo last Saturday!

The Technical Committee judging the test takers from 3rd to 6th dan included Arakawa Sensei, Takagi Sensei and Yanagida Sensei so it was an important group to be evaluated by!

However, lots of comments were expressed on what us 'locals' need to continue to work on, which sounds like everything.

No problem. My goal for being in Japan on this 2nd long trip (10years plus now in the field compared to my much earlier trip 21 years ago...) was to pass the landmark Godan test.

Next goals, here I come.

Btw, 'young' Takamasa Arakawa Sensei (no relation to Toru Arakawa) performed on Sunday and he looked amazing!

Below is a picture with Kevin from Holland, who passed his 3rd dan. Two other pictures of the Toshimaku Community Center in Ikebukuro where the technical seminars and tests were held in the 8th floor kendo / judo dojo.

This picture from the JKFan Karate magazine Facebook page.