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41st Japan Cup National Championship results/pics/vids 第41回全日本空手道選手権大会

Results, pictures and some video!

From efight news, lots of pictures and info in Japanese.

Short video highlights on NHK TV Japan.

Results for the Japan Cup, held over December 7 & 8.

〈優勝〉 男子組手:香川幸允(東京)
Men's kumite: Hideyoshi Kagawa, Tokyo

Women's kumite: Kayo Sameya, Uni League

男子形:喜友名 諒(前年度優勝)
Men's kata - 2012 champion: Ryo Kiyuna, Okinawa

Women's kata: Kiyo Shimizu Uni League

Men's Team Kumite: Kyoto

Women's Team Kumite: Tokyo

More pictures and info on JKFan magazine's Facebook page.

Broadcast news:
Individual event semi-finals and finals to be broadcast on NHK-E, Saturday, December 14th from 3-4pm in Japan.
平成25年12月14日(土)NHK Eテレ 15:00~16:00(予定)    

*NHK World may or may not carry it in its different regions.

Some videos of so-so quality.

Men's kumite final

Women's kumite final.