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We're going to Regionals! 関東大会出場!

Results in Japanese ----- Results in English below

Yesterday we had the Tokyo High School Karate League's Spring Tournament, which was the Summer Kanto Regional qualifier. Our girls kumite team achieved 3rd place, qualifying them to the Regionals event in June!


Results by high school name (1st to double 3rd):

Boys Team Kata: Setagaya - Hozen - Tsurugaoka - Teikyo
Boys Team Kumite: Setagaya - Hozen - Teikyo - Fujimori
Boys Ind Kata: Setegaya - Hozen - Teikyo - Setagaya
Boys Ind Kumite: Setagaya - Hozen - Setagaya

Girls Team Kata: Tsurugaoka - Yagumo - Teikyo - Kinjo
Girls Team Kumite: Teikyo - Tsurugaoka - Kinjo - Seiritsu (us!)
Girls Ind Kata: Tsurugaoka - Tsurugaoka - Tsurugaoka - Yagumo
Girls Ind Kumite: Teikyo - Teikyo - Teikyo - Tsurugaoka