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Karate Club Summer Camp 空手道部の夏合宿!

During August 2-5 the school karate club went to Iiyama City (Village?) in Nagano Prefecture for our summer camp.

This is the same dojo connected to the Japanese inn that the club has come to for maybe over 30 years!

Training menu for 4 days was basically;
7am jog
7:30am breakfast altogether
9:30-12noon morning practice - skipping (2000), warm-up, standing basics, moving basics
12:30pm lunch
2:30-6pm afternoon practice - same menu, but if there was time, ido kumite & uchi komi kumite
6:30pm dinner
9pm check student's training diaries

7:00 30分ジョギング
7:30 朝食
9:30-12:00 午前中稽古(縄跳び2000、体操、基本、移動基本)
12:30 ランチ
14:30-18:00 午後稽古(午前中と同じメニュー/時間があれば移動組手と打ち込み)
18:30 夕食
21:00 生徒の練習日記をチェック

4 hours by highway bus from Tokyo, then 52 minutes by a small train into the mountains, then the Japanese inn bus picked us up. Nothing outside by farmer's fields, forests and many different bugs, even fireflies!