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Tokyo Interhigh Karate Qualifier 東京インターハイ予選ビデオ

Tokyo High School Karate Qualifier for the summer's JKF Interhigh Championships.
Sunday, June 19, 2011 at Seiritsu Gakuen Jr & Sr High School, Tokyo

東京インターハイ予選ビデオ 2011/6/19

This is the final boy's individual match (open weight, no weight divisions).
(Red) Narushima of Setagaya HS beat (Blue) Takahashi of Hosen HS.

(赤)鳴島 由貴(世田谷学園)(青)準優勝 高橋 諒介(保善)
優勝 鳴島 由貴(世田谷学園)準優勝 高橋 諒介(保善)

This the 2nd fight in the final girl's team match (5-athlete team).
(Red) Sara Yamada of Teikyo HS beats an opponent from Nihon Tsurugaoka HS.
It included because Yamada is on the Japanese Junior National Team so a good fighter to study.
Teikyo won with 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie and based on their point total by the end of the 4th match, even if Tsurugaoka won the last match with an 8 point lead they would not have caught up to the number of points accumulated by Teikyo so last match was not fought.


優勝 帝京 準優勝 日本鶴ヶ丘

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