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Budo Perspectives textbook 武道見通しの教科書

A few months ago I picked up this English textbook, Budo Perspectives, from the Kendo World Magazine website. Japanese and non-Japanese budo scholars write about budo, and several essays are related to the internationalization of the budo arts, which is what I'm quite interested in.

数か月間に剣道ワールド誌のホームページから英語武道教科書「Budo Perspectives」を買いました。日本人と外国人の学者が武道について書いています。そのうちのいくつかは僕がとても関心のある、武道の国際化についての論文です。

The chapter topics include;

Budo Ideals 武道の理想
-20th century budo and mystic experience by Suzuki Sadami
-Research of Miyamoto Musashi's Gorin no Sho: From the perspective of Japanese intellectual history by Takashi Uozumi
-Zen and Japanese swordsmanship reconsidered by William H. Bodiford
-Ken-Zen-Sho: An analysis of swordsmanship, zen, and calligraphy and their relevance today by Terayama Tanchu

Budo Concepts 武道の概念
-Cultural friction in budo by Abe Tetsushi
-From jutsu to do: The birth of Kodokan Judo by Murata Naoki
-Budo as a concept: An analysis of budo's characteristics by Irie Kohei
-Confusion in the concept of budo in South Korean society by Na Young-il
-The culture of 'bu' by Sakudo Masao

Budo and Education 武道と教育
-What should be taught through budo? by Sogawa Tsuneo
-Central issues in the instruction of kendo: with focus on the inter-connectedness of waza and mind by Oya Minoru
-The promotion of budo for the disabled by Matsui Kantaro
-Budo in the physical education curriculum of Japanese schools by Motomura Kiyoto
-Budo and education by Duncan Robert Mark
-Off the warpath: Military science and budo in the evolution of ryuha bugei by Karl Friday

Internationalization of Budo  武道の国際化
-The influence of the Japanese martial disciplines on the development of the US Marine Corps martial arts program by Richard Schmidt and George R. Bristol
-Thinking differently about the teaching of judo in Japan by David Matsumoto
-Folk martial arts and ritual: Continuity through economic change by Raymond Ambrosi
-Kendo or Kumdo: The internationalizaion of Kendo and the olympic problem by Alexander Bennett
-Tilting at windmills: Observations on the complexities in transmission ofthe koryu bujutsu in Japan and the US by Meik Skoss
-Budo's potential for peace: Breaking down barriers in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict by Danny Hakim

Public Lectures 講演会
-The paradox of "Judo as an Olympic sport" and "Judo as tradition" by Anton Geesink
-The role of Judo in an age of internationalization by Yamashita Yasuhiro