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Shitei Kata training for Kata judging challenge! 形審判チャレンジのための指定形の練習

Richard's Annual Judging Kata Challenge!

Every year I try to watch the Japan Nationals live. One of my goals is to watch the individual kata to make my own prediction who will win each round before the judges raise their flags. The current Shiramizu intern normally does this challenge with me. Generally I watch the division that starts first, men or women. Only in 2005 did I get 100% correct, so every year I keep up this challenge.


So today for my personal practice, I'm going to review all the 8 main shitei kata. Infrequently I will practice them because our high school club accepts all karate styles.


At last year's Japan Nationals, during the individual kata events for the 1st and 2nd rounds for women, I was able to predict all except for one match correctly! And even the match I got wrong, it was split 3-2 so I don't feel so bad. Actually, by the 2nd round I was not only predicting who would win, but the number of flags for each competitor too. Ooo, spooky.


So does this mean I'm ready to challenge the highest levels of officiating in Japan? No, it just means sitting 80 meters away in the 3rd level of the Budokan I'm pretty good. I don't think the JKF will let me try the next level of the official's tests from that far away though...