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Pro Sport's Marketer: Jon Spoelstra プロのスポーツ・マーケター: ジョン・スポールストラ

Last night I listened to a fascinating speaker, professional sport's marketer Jon Spoelstra. He has led the marketing of professional sport's team in the US and made them quite profitable. He has also written the marketing manuals Ice to Eskimos and Marketing Outrageously.

昨夜、僕は、プロのスポーツ・マーケターであるジョン・スポールストラ氏の素晴らしい講演に行ってきました。彼は米国のプロのスポーツチームを高収益のあるチームに育て上げ人物です。 また、彼は「エスキモーが氷を買うとき―奇跡のマーケティング」と「Marketing Outrageously(原題)」の著者です。

He spoke about many things, and if you have a chance to attend his lectures in person please do so. Here's a quick summary for sport's marketers, which I used to be when I held karate tournaments.


a) Only try to sell out the big games. Don't put energy into the other unpopular games.
Sold out big games make people think the team is popular.
The other games that are almost empty lets no one know the team is not popular.
More sellouts will lead to more tickets for other games anyway.

a) 大きな試合だけを売ること。人気のない試合に無駄な労力を費やすな。

b) Events need dedicated ticket sales people only selling tickets. Venue ticket sales are the lifeblood of sport's events, more than TV and sponsors.

b) 献身的なチケット販売員がチケットを売り上げる。会場のチケット販売は、TVやスポンサー以上に、スポーツイベントの生命線である。

My next JKFan Karate Magazine 'Richard Sensei's Corner' column will be related to professionalizing karate competition so Mr. Spoelstra's speech was great for me to hear.


On another note, one of my best friends is Inuit so I don't know how he would feel about the title of the Eskimo book, but Mr. Spoelstra seemed to be quite respectful of people of all races.