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We're going to Regionals! 関東大会出場!

Komazawa Olympic Park Gymnasium, Tokyo 東京都駒沢オリンピック体育館 Site for the Kanto Regional Championships, June 13-15
関東高等学校空手道大会会場, 6月13〜15日

Yesterday was the Tokyo High School Karate Team tournament for qualifying for the Kanto area Regional Championships. Our Seiritsu boy's kata team and the girl's kata team both made the cut. It is the first time since the school started to accept female students from 2004 that both our karate club boys and girls are going to a Kanto Championships together.

Also yesterday's event was held at Seiritsu, so thank you to all the students, coaches, officials, parents and alumni who helped make the event run so smoothly!