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New JKF Karate Training Center! 日本空手道会館

The Karate Kaikan (assembly hall) opened last November. On Sunday I visited it with the high school karate club students. There was a Kanto region Official's seminar to explain the changes in the WKF rules. The students fought kumite matches with other high school students so that the officials could practice their officiating skills.


'Japan Karatedo Assembly Hall'

The kaikan is very functional, with two large dojo, meeting rooms and changing rooms.

The big dojo is on the fourth floor. It is shaped like an L. It can hold 3 karate rings.


The middle size dojo is on the 2nd floor. It can probably hold 2 rings.


The students warming up in the middle dojo in the morning.


The mats were official WKF mats. They are thicker than the regular mats in Japan. Also the other side is red.

マットは公式のWKFマットでした。 日本での通常のマットより厚いです。 そして裏側は赤になっています。
All done! One Teikyo student joined our group for the day too!

終了! 帝京の学生さんが僕たちのグループに一日同行してくれました!

The closest subway station is Tatsumi, on the Yurakucho line.

JKF Karate Kaikan website