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Where are the karate publications? 空手の書籍はどこに?

When I left Canada many years ago, karate books were popular. But not now it seems.


Here are Japanese martial arts magazines in the local book store. The popular karate magazines like JKFan are stocked in the bottom shelf, but normally I see them on the top. Mixed martial arts, boxing, Sumo and kendo are the main magazines on display. Hmm.

これは近所の本屋さんに並ぶ日本の武道関連雑誌です。 JKFanのような人気がある空手雑誌が下の棚に並べられていますが、通常は上の方の目につきやすいところに置いてあります。 ここでは総合格闘技、ボクシング、相撲、そして剣道の雑誌がメインで並んでいます。 ふーむ。

It's very similar in Canada. There was only one karate magazine, but many MMA and pro-wrestling.

カナダでもよく似た状況です。 空手雑誌は一冊しかなくて、あとは総合格闘技とプロレスが大半です。

For martial arts books in the Japanese store, out of the two pictures above, karate books take up half a shelf with about 25 titles, explaining several different styles. The rest of the books are mainly Judo, Aikido, MMA and Kyudo.


The real unfortunate thing is in Canada, only one karate book was for sale out of the three pictures above. Of course, or has many karate books for sale. Perhaps we need a new karate movie to make karate popular again, hmm...

もちろん、Amazon.comやAmazon.jpでは多くの空手の本が手に入りますけど。 どうやら、新しい空手映画を作って再び空手の人気を上げる必要であるのかもしれませんね。ふーむ。

Thanks to Johnny and Lawrence for sending me the pictures from Canada!