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Japan Wadokai Nationals Kata videos! 和道会の全国大会 形ビデオ!

The 47th Wadokai Japan Karate Nationals Championships was August 27 & 28.


Here's the men's kata final video.

5-0 for Takuya Furuhashi (Wanshu) vs Yusuke Takezawa (Niseishi).

'If you were not in the picture, you were not there...'

Women's final.

4 to 1 for Emiri Iwamoto (Chinto) versus Honami Iwasaki (Wanshu).
Same result as last year.

I'll upload a review video of the kumite matches later this week.

2 comments: said...

Hi Richard, do you know if the results are online somewhere? I'd love to see how my old dojo mates did but I can't seem to find it on the WadoKai Japan website (although obviously my poor Japanese isn't a good start in attempting to find it!).

Thanks! Fiona

Richard Mosdell said...

Hi Fiona,
Nice to hear from you.
The Wadokai office should be putting all the results up later this week on their website so watch for it there.
JKFan magazine will also publish them on Sep 23 in their next issue, which you can order from their website for a digital copy if you want for I think 1000yen.
Are you still kicking and punching?
Fire me an email sometime.